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Merger & Acquisition

Create a strong mergers and acquisitions team that consists of experts in various domains for a successful M&A transaction

HR Audit

Review current human resources policies to identify needs for improvement of the HR function and to assess compliance with ever-changing laws.

HR Technology

Ensure that the HR tech implementations are successful in bringing in the desired return on investments with a high adoption level.

Org Structure & JD

Redefine the strategic planning for employees to develop the necessary skills to accomplish their operational goals.

Compensation Redesign & Job Evaluation

Create a successful compensation plan in order to attract and retain the top talent.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Leadership coaching is vital to train leaders to have the right skills to make their company thrive.

Expert Connect


  • Optimize current processes with experience from leading global corporates.
  • Implementation and communication of management policies by providing advisory support.
  • Training and development programs required to upskill employees.
  • Compensation & Benefits structure for rewarding and retaining talent.

Sumer Datta
30 Years in HR and
Business Strategies
Abhijeet Bhaduri
20 years in HR
Sandeep Chaudhary
20 years in HR and Corporate Governance


Self Service

  • Post a Project: Provide your project details using our well-defined template.
  • Matching Algorithm: Based on your requirements, our algorithm will find the best fit for your project.
  • Pick your consultant: Once you shortlist the candidate, you can interview by yourself and our team will support you in on-boarding, contracting and payment processing. Complete handholding unless the project is delivered.
  • Cost: A fee of 5% is payable

NH Assured

  • Requirements Sharing: Organisations shares their project requirements with Noble House.
  • Scoping and Shortlisting: Noble House works out the final scope of work and shortlists and suggests a team or Independent Consultant (IC) for delivery.
  • Panel Set-up: A panel of single or multiple senior and qualified consultants is set up for quality review. The panel reviews and guides the team on the deliverables throughout the assignment.
  • Cost: A fee of 25% is paid for the panel support.