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Merger & Acquisition

Create a strong mergers and acquisitions team of experts for a successful M&A transaction.

HR Audit

Review current HR policies to identify needs for improvement of the HR function.

HR Technology

Ensure successful HR tech implementations to bring in a high return on investments.

Org Structure & JD

Adopt a flexible and robust organisational structure to accomplish business goals effectively.

Compensation Redesign & Job Evaluation

Create a competitive compensation plan to attract and retain the top talent.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Train your leaders to have the right leadership skills in making the company thrive.

Expert Connect


  • Optimize current processes with experience from leading global corporates.
  • Implementation and communication of management policies by providing advisory support.
  • Training and development programs required to upskill employees.
  • Compensation & Benefits structure for rewarding and retaining talent.

Sanjay Lakhotia
25+ years in HR Transformation
Abhijeet Bhaduri
20+ years in HR
Varadarajan S.
30+ years in HR Management
Sumer Datta
35+ Years in HR and
Business Strategies
Abhishek Haldar
15+ years in HR & Org Development
Anurag Shrivastava
30 years in HR Management
Jasmine Chaudri
15+ years in HR Management & Consulting
Karuna Ahuja
16+ years in HR Leadership & Training
Mahesh Parmar
20+ years in HR Transformation & Business Excellence
R Jai Krishna
25+ years in Strategic Planning & Policy Making
Shafiya Shaikh
9+ years in Compenstaion & Benefits


Self Service

  • Post a Project: Provide your project details using our well-defined template.
  • Matching Algorithm: Based on your requirements, our algorithm will find the best fit for your project.
  • Pick your consultant: Once you shortlist the candidate, you can interview by yourself and our team will support you in on-boarding, contracting and payment processing. Complete handholding unless the project is delivered.
  • Cost: A fee of 5% is payable

NH Assured

  • Requirements Sharing: Organisations share their project requirements with Noble House.
  • Scoping and Shortlisting: Noble House works out the final scope of work and shortlists and suggests a team or Independent Consultant (IC) for the delivery.
  • Panel Set-up: A panel of single or multiple senior and qualified consultants is set up for quality review. The panel reviews and guides the team on the deliverables throughout the assignment.
  • Cost: A fee of 25% is paid for the panel support.