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Abhijeet Bhaduri

20+ years in HR

Leadership Coach, Digital Transformation Leader, HR Influencer, Keynote Speaker, Author and Columnist.

Sanjay Lakhotia

25+ years in HR and
Corporate Governance

Leadership development, HR technology deployment, Performance culture and Rewards.

Varadarajan S.

30+ Years in HR Management

Leadership assessment and development, Stakeholder, Employee Engagement, Executive Coaching and Mentoring at CxO Level.

Sumer Datta

30+ years in HR &
Business Strategies

HR Consulting, Finance Management, Leadership Mentoring,Management Consulting and Start-up Mentor.

Anurag Shrivastava

30 years in HR Managemen

Leadership Coach, Development & Staffing, Recruitment Strategies.

Abhishek Haldar

15+ years in HR & Org Development

Leadership Coach, Development & Staffing, Recruitment Strategies.

Jasmine Chaudri

15+ years in HR Management & Consulting

Compensation & Benefits, Recognition & Mobility.

Karuna Ahuja

16+ years in HR Leadership & Training

HR Strategy, Organization Building, Leadership Development & Change Management.

Mahesh Parmar

20+ years in HR Transformation & Business Excellence

HR Strategy, Talent Management, Organization Restructuring & Budgeting.

R Jai Krishna

25+ years in Strategic Planning & Policy Making

Corporate Restructuring, Operations Management, Turnaround Management & Strategic Alliances.

Shafiya Shaikh

9+ years in Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & Reward Structure, Payroll Process, Job Evaluation.