Hire an HR Freelancer

How can we help

  • Find a substitue for a temporary gap(Maternity, exit)
  • Plug a missing skill (C&B, Change & Program Management etc)
  • Scale-up for spike in work (expansion, increment cycle, campus hiring)
  • Design policy & program (ESOP, Incentive, PMS, etc.)
  • Provide leadership mentoring & coaching
  • Support HR Tech implementation

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Talk to an Expert

Our Expert can

  • Be a sounding board to explore ideas
  • Give career advice
  • Validate options for any problem to be solved
  • Povide technical inputs for any HR needs
  • Help understand best practices and benchmarks
  • Conduct an audit of your existing HR processes, and suggest corrections if required
  • Help you design and implement HR processes

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Largest pool of the best Independent HR talent with very deep skills

The platform aggregates resources spanning all HR skills with a wide variety of experience across industry segments. The talent pool is also spread across geographies to help organizations find the right talent on-demand for their requirements.

1300+ Consultants
200+ Assignments
10+ HR tools


Gig Report

The Gig Readiness Survey of Corporate India.


The report emphasizes the correlation between flexibility and productivity validated by HR and business leaders. This has led them to recognize the potential benefits of the gig economy holistically. The report details how important it is for organisations and HR leaders to incorporate flexibility into their strategy and operations to be ready for the future of work.

Gig Report

2019 The Future of Work is Anywhere


A special survey-based report on the evolving gig workforce, based on responses from company owners, senior managers, and people who have been a part of the Gig workforce. The research helps breaks some myths and provide new insights around the way the gig economy is becoming a key constituent in the hunt for talent.

Tool Partners

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PayReview is an On-Cloud, SaaS product which helps Founders, CEOs and CHROs in managing & executing their Compensation Strategy. PayReview's Intelligent Employee compensation & benefits management software enables seamless salary review and benchmarking. It enables Internal and External benchmarking to ensure parity between employee salaries at the time of hiring and salary reviews. PayReview can scale according to your organization size. With a short learning path, it is way easier for users to find data or surf without getting lost.

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Dockabl is an 'employee experience' platform that enables people in organisations to set personal and professional milestones, cascade and collaborate on strategic business objectives, keep track of their progress and actively exchange feedback with peers and managers. The tool enables employees to instantly recognise one another for a job well done. The platform also facilitates individual development and succession planning.

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uKnowva HRMS is a Mobile first cloud-based HRMS solution that automates all HR processes from Recruitment till Resignation. It is tailored to meet the needs of SMEs, Startups and Growing companies. It comes bundled with an intranet and 100+ extensions which makes it collaborative, extensible, cost-effective and a one-stop solution. It is already being used by more than 1.5 lakh people on a daily basis.

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Opfin is a SaaS solution for completely outsourcing payroll at small- and medium-sized enterprises in India. It not only helps an organization calculate payroll for its entire workforce every month, but also carries out the entire execution - from transferring salaries to individual employee's bank accounts, to generating challans and paying the TDS, PF, ESIC and PT dues.