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Delhi | 10. Oct . 2018 | 14:00 – 17:00 pm

Dockabl is an ’employee experience’ platform that enables people in organisations to set personal and professional milestones, cascade and collaborate on strategic business objectives, keep track of their progress and actively exchange feedback with peers and managers. The tool enables employees to instantly recognise one another for a job well done. The platform also facilitates individual development and succession planning. The core advantage of the product being it’s the simple and intuitive user interface and a feature set that is built for forward-thinking organisations, who will stay relevant in the future. The current products in this space focus on all possible transactions related to a person’s journey in the organisation and come across as extremely archaic and clunky with a very ordinary user interface and experience. Adoption of these tools is abysmally low. Dockabl focuses on the ‘Employee Experience’ and helps people improve their individual productivity at work.

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