“Engineering was a career which paid well, but that’s not what I wanted. I continued acting gigs throughout my engineering career, So 10 years ago, I made a decision that changed my life.”

After a degree in Electronics Engineering, I worked as an Engineer in a nine-to-five, sorry nine-to-six, sorry nine-to…….. You know how it is. A corporate life which revolved around un-appreciation and deadlines. Engineering is a great career which pays well. But after four years, I left it all to pursue my passion for acting. I was a bright student, so people did not want me to waste my good marks by pursuing a career in acting. ‘You have a bright future, get a good job and settle down.’ And, that’s what I never wanted. I had my own dreams, my own world of desires that I wanted to explore. I had started doing theatre gigs while I was studying.

I continued with acting gigs along with my engineering job. I would work nine-to-nine at the office, and go for a TV shoot at night. Sometime I would not sleep at all and go for office the next day.

I knew it was a tough decision because there’s no job stability, no income security as a freelance artist, but I was willing to take that risk for the love I had for acting. It’s been ten years and I have never looked back. Becoming a freelancer was the best decision I have made.

Sometimes, I do corporate training as well where we use theatre to raise issues in corporate and for that, I have lately started going to an office to give corporate training. I see myself in those employees and it’s a strange feeling but I am glad I am out of it and I am spending my life doing what I love to do.

But today, I am a gig worker. I am a freelancer with a freedom of choice. A freedom which empowers me every day. The challenges, the hunt for the next gig, it is a real thrill for me. I love the work that I do. Good Work has become the pillar of my Good Life as a gig worker.