Top 7 HR Trends to Watch Out in 2020

Posted 19-Dec -2019

In the year 2020, we all need to be hands-on to head towards the future of work. HR is evolving and it’s important to empower ourselves with the latest hr trends and emerging strategies for the overall improved performance of any business.

With the new workforce, the focus is on various parameters like culture, work environment and inclusivity of an organisation. Adopting these trends are quintessential for any business or industry.

Automation & AI

Humans are intrinsically biased. If we could come up with a tool for eliminating bias, we would be millionaires by now”. – Sohraab Joshi

The inception of artificial intelligence and automation can be of great advantage in recruitment and hiring processes. The HR industry is considerably leveraging the highly potential AI system to identify the right candidates as per the needs and fitments. To further analyse the performance of the existing employees in the company AI plays a major role in helping refine the process.


The tedious process of onboarding and internal communications, to name a basic few functions, has been reduced considerably by the implementation of smart chatbots. The personalisation that chatbots offer today on service-based platforms has changed the way a consumer thinks about a brand. The coming year will see the human resource department paying more attention to knowledge-driven tasks and the holistic aspect of the organization.

On the Job Training

It’s been observed that the companies which provide proper training to the new employees generate better and quicker results.

The year 2020 will see a major shift towards the majority of the organizations providing on-the-job training to its employees to increase work efficiency and productivity. Upskilling to retain will be the new mantra for most HR personnel across industries.

Regular Performance Management

The advancement in digitalization provides methods to monitor employee performance at regular intervals, enabling them to improve and acquire knowledge faster. The pre-defined KPIs and result metrics push employees to perform every day and deliver.

Flexi HR

The current marketplace suggests that organizations/start-ups will be depending more on flexible HR consultants to troubleshoot for time-bound projects. HR experts will be more sought after in an economy which will be driven by a work-life balance generation. Consulting to vet policies, take second opinions on existing business plans will become a norm. The agile HR will be in demand.

Employee Experience Platforms

The year 2020 will see the businesses and brands majorly focusing on employee experience platforms to make their people feel more involved and a vital part in the making. Nowadays, people like to talk about and share their experiences with a brand through platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed, to help others commence their journey on the right path. Introducing an automated internal feedback system can help build trust for the employee.

Employee Engagement

The 2020 HR is agile HR. Flexibility, willing to change, and staying open to feedback will be critical elements of retaining employees. Options of flexible workplaces for the millennial and Gen Z will no longer be an option but a necessity. Adopting various technologies to encourage employees with a growth mindset will be the key to success.

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