How to Succeed as a Freelancer in the Gig Economy

Posted 31-Jan -2020

According to Forbes, the gig workforce is likely to comprise half the workforce in 2020, and as much as 80% by 2030. The future workforce is all about flexibility and inclusivity, and technology has made it an uplifting proposition for the employers and employees in the system. Inclusive culture will help organizations navigate the talent crunch.

Gig economy comes with a gratifying offering. Though, it also has a flip side. According to the survey conducted by Noble House, 17.3% of freelancers indicated that the scope of work is not well-defined, while 17.6% of gig workers end up negotiating with employers for projects and assignments.

As there are thousands of people vying for an opportunity, ensure to follow these steps, to stay competitive in the gig space and thrive your freelancing career.

Market Yourself

To keep it short and effective, we broke down it into three fragments.

Create a professional website & portfolio – to speak volumes about your past projects and increase the credibility of your work.

Keep business cards handy – to be always prepared and pragmatic when meeting potential clients.

Position yourself like a company – to be competitive and create substantial value in the current marketplace.


Networking is the pinnacle to make big in the gig economy as a freelancer. Connect with both past clients and other freelancers to build a strong network and maintain regular workflow. Sustain healthy relationships with clients until the project completion as they are more likely to retain the same talent than looking out for new freelancers.

Moreover, networking shows how active and committed you are towards your choice of career. Create a profile on social networking platforms; attach the latest work links and testimonials to secure a steady stream of work.

Build a Stellar Reputation

Market reputation and credibility are very crucial for a freelancer. Position yourself as a brand and create market value for yourself. Having strong connections and relationships can always work in your favor and help you seize big assignments with leading clients.

Know that hiring managers and big clients talk, especially when they get more than what they expected. Deliver to the best of your ability and maintain your brand by being an exemplary employee.

Be a Brand. Be a Professional

Stress would remain on this one thing for a freelancer to win in the gig economy – ‘Be a Brand. Be Professional.’ As a freelancer, you’re no more an individual but the sole owner of a brand – a content creator, graphic designer, marketer, and brand itself.

Ask for official contracts that mark out work structure, payment details, and timelines to avoid discrepancies in the future. Meet deadlines and deliver highest-quality work for maintaining workflow and receiving better word of mouth recommendations.


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