5 Essential Things to add on your Resume in 2020

Posted 22-Jan -2020

Job hunting is an exhausting process, especially when there are thousands of applications for a profile. Nowadays, people with relevant work experience and industry-related expertise also find it hard to seal a dream job.

Despite the digitalization and innovation continue to take over the entire market and galvanize organizations through new recruiting strategies, resume remains to be a key element of the hiring process. So, it’s crucial to understand the dynamics and paraments recruiters look for in your CV and structure them in a well-thought manner.

Mention these 5 things in your resume and stay on the top of the game.

Google’s 3-Part Resume Formula

The more numerical, concrete, and relevant you can be, the better.

Since no one better than the recruiters in Google can explain the best resume tactics as they receive around 50,000 job applications per week, they say big ‘No’ to excessive length and urge to use their simple yet effective three-part formula.

“Start with an action verb. Then “numerically measure what you accomplished, provide a baseline for comparison, and detail what you did to achieve your goal.” This bullet point formula works across all industries and can bring you in the spotlight of the recruitment cell.

Your LinkedIn Profile is a Saving Grace

In haste of sending out resumes, we often forget to scrutinize our LinkedIn profile and ensure whether it matches the information mentioned in a resume or not. The two must be in absolute sync with each other and tell the same story.

Moreover, the first thing recruiters tend to look at is the LinkedIn profile of the candidate to evaluate the information about the companies and teams you have worked with. To gain the hiring manager’s attention, place your LinkedIn profile link on the top of the resume right underneath your name and profile title.

Important Keywords

The career transformation coach Pat Nunno Roque once quoted, “Nearly 75% of resumes are rejected because they’re not correctly ATS-formatted (Applicant Tracking System) or keyword-optimized.”

The right keyword selection depends on two things – your work experience and the industry you are applying for. So, sending the same resume with the same set of buzzwords for every application can kick you off the race at the early stage.

Real Work Ex Over Education

Unless you went to an Ivy League school or Tier-1 college, recruiters and hiring managers are far more interested in your real growth and work journey than educational background. For recruiters, your past work experience is more relevant than your college degree to analyze whether you are fit for the role.

Save yourself some time and keep your educational section in a resume as precise as possible.

Talk about your Passion

Scanning thousands of resumes is a mentally draining process. Resumes with interesting hobbies are more likely to gain the attention of the recruiters. Drop a line or two mentioning your passion in life and crowning moment of some adventure-filled story. Keep it real, fun, and precise to intrigue readers to arrange an interview and discuss it in detail.

A well-drafted resume with key points and action-oriented appeal can open doors for your dream job. Sound off your feedback in the comment box and we shall address the same.

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