4 Ways to Innovate Campus Recruitment

Posted 14-Aug -2019

With the campus recruitment season approaching, over 1000+ organisations are gearing up to hire more than 100,000 students across India. As the fight for attracting the cream of the crop ramps up, companies are compelled to innovate their campus recruitment strategies.
Here are some effective strategies that companies can adopt for effective campus recruitment.

1. Employer branding through Social Media Channels: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are quite effective to engage the young audience who spend most of their time on mobile phones. A recent SHRM study found that 84 percent of companies are now recruiting on social media, which has increased by 50% since 2011. Posting jobs, creating captivating content, live streaming office culture/activities and organising online events and competitions for the student community are great ways to engage this cohort of young minds. It creates a good brand recall value for the organisation, especially during the campus recruitment process.

2. Embrace Technology – Gen Z is more comfortable using the available technology compared to the traditional methods and 91% of GenZ considers technology offered by an employer as an important factor when choosing a job according to a GenZ Effect research by Dell. Therefore, it becomes essential for the organisation to make use of technology to gain a competitive advantage in your upcoming campus recruitment drive. For example, a company can innovate campus recruitment by hosting a webinar and looping in recruiters and faculty to address the students’ concerns and queries through Q&A sessions. Also, employers can gamify the recruitment process by organising online complex problem-solving quizzes, hacking events, etc. This technology-backed recruitment would help your organisation create a strong impact on the students.

3. Student Referral program: Setting up a student referral program can ease your campus recruitment process. Employee referral is the most effective recruitment method and if you can leverage the referral program for hiring students, nothing like it. You can ask your own employees to refer students from their social connections for entry-level positions in your organisation. You can also include university professors for the referral program and in the process build a long-term strategic relationship with them for future campus hiring.

4. Hire Freelance Campus Recruitment Experts: Organising a successful recruitment drive is a colossal process since your HR team will have to spend long hours in collecting, tracking, analysing and communicating the student data and at the same time organising the entire activity. There is also a huge possibility of the recruiting team failing to hire the desired candidates. Moreover, your HR team has to skip the office and travel extensively to make recruitment drives happen. It calls for a high level of productivity and tolerance, which could be difficult for the HR teams who are already occupied with daily HR tasks at the workplace. In this scenario, you can hire HR freelancers who are expert in campus placements. With this approach, your HR team can focus on core business activity, such as training and on-boarding new hires, while the freelancers are conducting campus drive on your behalf. Also, it reduces the time and cost of the recruitment and increases the quality of the hire as the team of experts are dedicatedly involved in outreaching and hiring cream of the crop. HR freelance experts can be hired from agencies or online HR tech platforms like Noble House.

Animate your campus recruitment strategy with a few of the above innovative elements, and gain a competitive advantage in the war for top talent.

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