Noble House – Good Work Good Life Stories

Success is only limited by our freedom of choice. It is the freedom to make our own decisions. We are sharing
curated stories of people who participate in the gig economy that will motivate and celebrate the spirit of
empowerment and choices.

Join Noble House in the #ISupportGig movement and celebrate
Good Work Good Life.


Bani Yadav

Corporate Professional | Rallyist

“Life is not easy and comes with its own set of rules. But my side-gigs give me the confidence to show that my skills are not limited.”


Atul Khatri

Businessman | Stand-up Comedian

“I was the CEO of an IT firm and held a corporate job for 26 years with a stable income. But as a freelancer you have money if you make a show, and if you do not have a show you do not make money.”


Puja Rao

Designer | Entrepreneur

“When I launched my company, it took time to find the right people who were willing to work with a woman. But today, I have my own associates and also work as a self-taught potter after seven years of practice.”

If you have joined the gig economy,
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