“Despite my degree in Architecture, I kept getting gigs to design cartoons and advertising graphics. It was a difficult decision, but I quit my corporate job to pursue my true passion”

When my parents asked me about what I would like to study as a career, I didn’t have an answer. I hadn’t given it much thought before. Growing up, I read many graphic novels. I wanted to tell my own stories in a similar way. I spent many afternoons trying to copy those designs, which helped me develop a sense of graphic design and storytelling. And I wanted to improve my own drawing skills. Architecture had elements of both engineering and drawing. So I joined Manipal Institute of Technology and upon graduating, worked in a number of Architecture and Interior Design offices for a few years. During those years at corporate offices, I found myself getting freelance commissions in my spare time- to draw cartoons for publications, create advertising graphics, design murals and more.

Through further referrals from satisfied clients, I found that I had more side-gigs than work at my regular day job. I realised that at some point I would have to make a decision: follow my heart, or go for a more conventional, reasonably stable nine-to-five career path.

It was a difficult decision that I had to make, but I quit my corporate job. After initial uncertain years, I found is that if your work is good, word will get around. My clients include published writers, those starting out with info products, fitness coaches, alternative health practitioners, start-ups and established businesses, publishers, magazines, newspapers, websites and more. I’ve been in practice as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator/cartoonist for over a decade now. My services include book cover design, illustration and cartooning, logo design and business identity, brochure and flyer design, and more. In the future, I am working on an idea to write and design a comic book series with a difference. I was apprehensive when I became a part of the Gig Economy. But, I’m happy with the way my work life has turned out.

Freelancing is fulfilling, and there’s a rewarding sense of being your own master. The occasional bumps on the roads just make for a more exhilarating ride! I became a freelancer and chased Good Work. Today, the same road has enabled me to live a Good Life.